We’re not one agency. We’re jillions.

The era of big brands giving big agencies big marketing budgets are over—forgotten like fax machines and polyester pantsuits. Now, thousands of designers and marketers want a sliver of the shrinking marketing pie. Newly minted designers, brand managers, social media gurus can sit in coffee shops, nursing a double-shot soy latté, talking about their “awesome” idea, and flash shiny business cards with a clever title.


Not us.

At Too Many Agencies, an international based design agency with a network of creatives founded by Will Erens, we don’t have titles, and we’re not wild about the word “awesome,” either. We don’t want an office with three conference rooms, pricy art in the reception area or a bloated payroll. That requires maintenance, time, energy–ugh!

Like brands, we care about results. Let the inexperienced drink their coffee and spout “awesome” ideas. The top-heavy communication firms can be weighted down with all that office bling. Talent is meaningless without smarts and agility. We dream, but more importantly, we’re f•r•e•e to make dreams happen—and we do.


With a mix of brains, a well-developed network and magic.

We inhale and exhale ideas. We’re not one agency, we’re jillions. We’re the creative force behind overall concepts for stunning retail, bars & restaurants, events, exhibitions, branding, concepts, graphic and product design.

We have the creative experience of big firms and the flexibility of independents; developing a strategy to contract and expand according to the brand’s needs. But we didn’t stay on a comfy sofa just talking about it. We stripped everything to just the essentials, and refined our methods to perfection:

1) We’re plenty caffeinated before we arrive, so we listen to your goals with a clear head.
2) We doodle, dream, throw darts, all the while developing a bull’s-eye vision.
3) We flip through our ginormous address book, and find the right team (in one city or across the globe).
4) We whip the talent into a dedicated frenzy and steward the vision so it’s tight.
5) We make brands spanking happy.

Because we’re so freaking awesome?

No, we’re just smart. Having imagination helps, but it was decades of experience that gave us the wisdom to adapt, shed expenses and operate with agility to each brand’s needs. Together with an international network of creatives and Will Erens, head of Pursang and original founder of the Creneau design network, Too Many Agencies can operate globally. Situated in Antwerp with brainports in, Barcelona and Shanghai.

Leave the soy lattés for the wannabes. Send the big boys out to play with the fax machines. We make brands happy because we are the enemy of awesome and the king of amazing.